12. Chainplates & Knees / Live Oak & Bronze

In this video I get attacked by a rogue falling deck beam, remove knees and chainplates, and find a wasps nest, I also visit some boatbuilders and a bronze foundry in Port Townsend, and launch my Patreon page.

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12. Chainplates & Knees / Wasps & Fire / Live Oak & Bronze – Rebuilding Tally Ho EP12

4 thoughts on “12. Chainplates & Knees / Live Oak & Bronze

  1. Bronze is excellent, but don’t necessarily avoid good(!) galvanised ferrous metals. They’re cheaper, stronger and last for many decades.

    (!) i.e. … proper hot-dipped galvanising, not that totally useless zinc-plated stuff.

  2. I think those are neither bees nor wasps.

    Bees and wasps both have wings that fold back parallel to the body. If they’re V-shaped as they appear to be, then they’re a fly of some kind. If they’re coloured like a wasp, then they’re probably hover-flies just quietly hibernating. They’re quite harmless.

    If they were honeybees, here would need to be thousands for them to survive the winter and that’s not possible without a football-sized void. I think you don’t have such a void.

  3. As an 80 year old shipwright I’m a little too old to travel over to help. However, I’ve donated a ‘fiver’ a month through Paypal … all I can afford. Best of luck with the rebuild, will be watching with interest