18. The History of the Yacht Tally Ho / Pilot Cutters / Going South

THIS episode, I meet the Grandson of Mark Spinks, who Skippered Tally Ho in 1927 when she famously won the Fastnet Race, and continued to run the boat while she was under the ownership of Lord Stalbridge. We take a look at the rest of Tally Ho’s history, and then I travel to Bristol to meet John R-B, who builds replica Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters in the Underfall Yard, and who first took me on as an apprentice when I first started doing wooden boat work. He tells us a little about the history of Pilot Cutters, and talks about why yacht designers return again and again to their classic lines.
Finally, I travel back to the US and take a long road-trip from Boston down to south Georgia, to visit Cross Sawmill, where a huge amount of Southern Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana) is being milled for me, to be used as framing stock on Tally Ho back in Washington State.


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Heftone Banjo Orchestra – Peaceful Henry
Howie Ann Mitchell – Irish Washerwoman
Christian Bjoerklund – Hallon
The Defibulators – Everybody’s Got a Banjo



18. The History of the Yacht Tally Ho / Pilot Cutters / Going South – Rebuilding Tally Ho EP18


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  117. I love Bristol! Mostly just because it makes no sense. It”s so cool, it is the ultimate hipster car isn”t it? This is kind of a car that you drive about screaming “get out of the way you little peasant!, but with effect only in your head. Love it, I want one, just so I could say that hey, I own Bristol!

  118. Great video, Leo. Really looking forward to the next one about sawing up live oak wood. I’m a member of offcenterharbor.com and there found a video about Mr. Cross’ sawmill and his ability to cut up live oak. And look forward to seeing some of the magnificent live oak trees. Your past and ongoing exploits are inspiring.