23. The Wreck and the Rescue

This episode, I investigate the part of Tally Ho’s history where she was almost wrecked on a remote Pacific Atoll, in 1968. Amazingly, I have been given photographs of Tally Ho high and dry on the reef, taken from the boat that towed her to safety! Because of the accident, part of the hull was rebuilt, but unfortunately not to the original lines. I assess the change in shape, do a little bit of lofting, and remove a lot of hull planks to give me space to rebuild the boat back into her original shape. Unfortunately, I also discover that the other side of the boat isn’t perfect either.


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Honky Tonk Sail – Oh Papa (a jazz band on a catamaran! Check them out…
Honky Tonk Sail – Facebook)

Audionautix – Walk in the Park

John Delay – Beer Belly Blues

Twin Musicom – 64 Sundays



23. The Wreck and the Rescue – Rebuilding Tally Ho EP23


190 thoughts on “23. The Wreck and the Rescue

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  68. The background music used between 3:45 and 5:51 is not “Walk in the Park” by Audionautix. What is it? It is nice music. It is also driving me crazy because I can’t find it! Thanks in advance, and you’re doing a great job so far.

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  73. though I respect and support your intention to restore Tally Ho to her original status – to me it becomes more and more obvious that you would be much better of to rebuild her from scratch only using the old boat as a template.

    To me it looks increasingly like you will have used far less than half of the original woodwork when the job is done …

    Don‘t want to frustrate you – just reconsider in a silent moment.

  74. Chain jig! Where have you been all my life!?

    I will now have to build yet another boat just so I can enjoy using one.

    Best wishes as you proceed with the new frames and restoring TALLY HO’s original shape, Leo. Applause for taking the considerable trouble to do it right.