45. Bedding and Bolting the Stern Assembly

Before the rest of the volunteers arrive, we have to get the huge timbers of the Stern Assembly bedded and fastened into the stern of Tally Ho. First we drill the holes for the bolts, using a 6’ long drill bit in a custom-made jig. Then we lift all the pieces with jacks and ropes, and fill the gaps with Tar and Felt. When they are back in place, the bronze bolts are driven through and tightened up, and lo and behold – the Stern Assembly is ready to accept new Frames, just in the nick of time!

The last weeks have been especially hectic, so this video is a little shorter than usual, and hasn’t covered all the amazing work that Arnaud, Finn, Thom, Kirt and Tim have been doing to prepare for our intensive Frame-raising period, which is just beginning! Next video we will meet all the volunteers, old and new, and start mass-production of the stern frames.

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45. Bedding and Bolting the Stern Assembly (Tally Ho EP45)

10 thoughts on “45. Bedding and Bolting the Stern Assembly

  1. Wow! You guys did a great job! Rebuilding a giant boat with a group of volunteers. Its absolutely amazing. It is really a tough challenge to rebuild something like that. It needs a lots of determination and tons of hard work to rebuild something like that. And you guys have finished it successfully. Congratulations! for your achievement. It was really amazing to watch something like that. Waiting eagerly for your next project.

  2. Moving right along, Leo! Great work you’re doing and thanks for turning the background music down when you’re speaking……..so very much better!


  3. Leo and Team… Thank you for allowing us to be part of this inspirational project, not only to donate to the Tally Ho, but looking through a window into lives of talented craftsman/women. Life is too short !
    Wonderful 🙂

  4. Impressive on all fronts! The effort it took just to attain the knowledge to even begin such a project would have stopped most people at the “thought ” stage. the location of raw materials, transportation, where to build, where to get help, organize, delegate, fund raise, social media coverage. A life’s times work in one project…. Impressive!

  5. Leo and team;

    Great episode. It always amazes me how your folks manage to create the right kind of jig to get the job done. It’s not often you hear of someone drilling a four foot hole through wood and keeping the bolt hole straight. I am becoming more convinced Leo that besides be a boat-building genius you also are a magician. I can’t wait to see how you set up your production line to achieve maximum efficiency for the framing festival.

  6. Your expertise, efforts and determination in resurrecting the Tally Ho are enjoyed very much.. I thoroughly appreciate all of your episodes. Amazing work you’re doing, Leo.
    Thank you, very much.
    Clyde Prettyman
    Medford, OR