48(Pt2). Leo’s Story (RORC Presentation)

This week we continue with the 2nd part of the Royal Ocean Racing Club presentation. This part of the talk focuses more on my own story before I began working on Tally Ho – from spending my late teens travelling abroad and busking on the street, to my first sailing and boatbuilding experiences, and my journey in a 1947 Folkboat from Cornwall across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.

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48(Pt2). Leo’s Story (RORC Presentation) / (Tally Ho EP48-2)

5 thoughts on “48(Pt2). Leo’s Story (RORC Presentation)

  1. Leo….need to send you something from Loyd’s Register…can I find you email address ?…no

  2. Leo, this is a great shot of you. I wish I was out there with you. Looks as though you are doing quite well. Best for you!!!