7. The Keel Timber & The Building inspector

In this episode, I start uncovering¬†Tally Ho’s huge teak keel timber, jackhammering the concrete out of the bilge and removing the prop shaft. I go for a hike with a new friend, and I get a worrying visit from the building inspector about my new boat-shed.


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Revolution Void – As We May Think

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Spiedkiks – One Hot Finger Lickin Minute

Restoring Tally Ho EP7 – The Keel Timber & The Building inspector

4 thoughts on “7. The Keel Timber & The Building inspector

  1. Hey Leo, how are you making sure the boat keeps it’s shape as you’re beginning to take it apart, or that it even has retained it’s original shape? Do you have drawings for the boat?
    Goodluck with the inspection!