9. A Stiff Breeze to Bermuda

I’m on a crazy mission to restore a historic classic sailing yacht called Tally Ho. To help fund the project, in this video I go to work delivering a Three-masted Gaff Schooner from Rhode Island down to Bermuda. We leave Newport into the tail of a storm and have a fast and exciting sail South.


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Doug Maxwell – Cuban Sandwich
Gillicuddy – A Garden and a Library
Roulet – Musa
Latch Swing – Swing 39

A Stiff Breeze to Bermuda (Restoring Tally Ho Ep9)

90 thoughts on “9. A Stiff Breeze to Bermuda

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  53. If you ever get tired of boatbuilding, Leo, (and I hope you don’t), you could always make a living as a film director.

  54. Thank you for this. Interesting jaunt. Curious, where do you store your car in Seattle. I’ve been looking for a new place myself.

    Keep up the grand work.


  55. Thanks for that little glimpse of life on board Adix. We sailed around her a few years ago when she was anchored off the Eastern Prom in Portland, Maine. Our mooring is nearby and we just had to get a closer look: she is just so gorgeous.

  56. Excellent video and insight into sailing Adix. I was working in an office overlooking Ocean Village when she had her huge refit, watched the masts being pulled and the huge transformation. She looks amazing and you guys are lucky to be able to sail in her. Look forward to the next one. Andy Sussex, UK