ep3; The Shed of Dreams


Having moved Tally Ho up the pacific coast of the US, its time to build a huge shed over her. But I only have a week, and there’s nobody around to help… apart from my new feathered friend, Poncho.


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Urbano A Zafra – Danza Filipina
Tickle – F**k the Man
Scott Gratton – A moment



27 thoughts on “ep3; The Shed of Dreams

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  11. Poppies shot in frame time 6:00 are big time ‘trip-machines’ .. they’ll reach out to you, grab ya wee feed and take you off to always-always land .. suspect all this is known by the neighborhood playmates .. I’m a new-b follower,taken time to check in now and then. Your lifestyle shared on film and within your blog is so inspiring .. Here the last two years I’ve been blown away by the crew of Emerald Steel,gobbling up there 30 years of filmed events 1st the building of ES,Jules handling the wood,Susie gunning the welder.. then all the voyages that followed. Then a couple weeks ago, my good fortune threw the story of Salt and Tar into my lap.. followed by discovering your work thru a share by them .. so woop-hallo-lueya !