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I’m currently on a mission to rebuild a 109-year old English sailing yacht called Tally Ho. Designed by Albert Strange in 1909 (and launched in 1910), she is a well-known and important historic vessel – but after many adventures she was left in a remote port in Oregon to rot for decades, despite some valiant attempts to rescue her. I bought her and moved her to the Olympic Peninsular earlier this year, and am now starting to rebuild her from the keel up. Eventually I hope to sail her back to the UK.

If you would like to support my journey, there are several ways you can do so.

Become a Patron; I have now set up a Patron account, where people can sign up to become one of my Patrons and to donate a set amount to me, large or small, every time I release a video. Become a Patron HERE.

Share; It would really help if you could share and subscribe to my videos on Facebook and YouTube, and tell your friends and colleagues about the project. The wider an audience I can reach, the larger the chance that I can get funding and sponsorship, which will help me do a better job of rebuilding Tally Ho.

By purchasing or providing tools or materials from TALLY HO’S REBUILD “WISH LIST”.

By Donating; Alternatively, you can donate directly to me via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card by using the secure button below. Please include your contact details if you donate, so I can send my thanks!

VolunteeringIf you are interested in lending a hand, find out more about that HERE.

Many thanks for your valuable support!

Donate in GBP

Donate in USD

316 thoughts on “How To Support

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  55. One thought on a way to raise a little bit of money for the project… use some original wood from Tally Ho and create a certificate with the piece and sell. My wife got me a piece of a WWII airplane like that. It’s nice knowing we supported a restoration of WWII history. Just a thought.

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  121. Dear Leo,

    Firstly, it was (has been) the LOVE FOR THE SEA. Then, at some point along the way, there is CARPENTRY. Myself, I turned my love for the sea into a profession (I work on the physics of the ocean). In my early 40s, I ‘met/discovered’ carpentry starting with the making of a wooden speargun, then some chairs and tables and a couple of staircases …to top it up … with the construction of the (wooden) roof of my house at the east coast of Euboea/Greece (everything on weekends and on summer vacation).

    As you understand, I know a little but I never got involved with ‘curves’ in carpentry and when I see your overall craftsmanship in everything you do with wood …what can I say?? …other than …. ‘ ADMIRATION AND RESPECT ‘ .

    Maybe some day you pass Tally Ho to your children and grandchildren (you know she can live much longer than us) along with their pride for you and this (pride) will be your greatest reward (just personal opinion … If I may).

    I chip in a little contribution now but (hopefully) I will be back.

    Keep it up / Go for it
    Best Regards


  122. Leo, I am currently helping support you and your project via Patreon. Due to Patreon’s censorship of many of the creators I subscribe to I am now phasing out of Patreon and moving to SubscribeStar. I signed up today with SubscribeStar and I tried today to support one of my creators via SubscribeStar and But I’m having trouble receiving a confirmation email from SubscribeStar to confirm my subscription to SubscribeStar. I’m not sure that SubscribeStar is fully up and running yet again. They were shut down earlier by their payment processing company (an attempt to put them out of business) but I had heard they were up and running again. In any event, once I am up and running on SubscribeStar I want to move out of Patreon but I still want to support you. I’m asking you to please sign up with SubscribeStar so I can continue my ongoing contributions. If you don’t I will make a bigger one time donation so I’m not cutting you off if you don’t but given Patreon’s censorship issues people are leaving Patreon for other companies like SubscribStar. I just think it would be in your best interest to add yourself to SubscribeStar. Thanks and keep going! Tally Ho!

  123. I admire what you are doing. A great project. i hope it all works out well. And looks like you will do it. Well done.
    Peter Noakes Prince Edward Island Canada.

  124. Hi Leo, I’ve been following your channel from the start and it’s one of my absolute favourites. Keep up the good work. Looks like you are going to have lots of hardwood offcuts from cutting the frames. As a mean to raise some more funds you could sell blocks of that wonderful live oak. I know I would buy one. It would make a great tool handle material. Regards from London.

  125. Hello Leo,
    I absolutely LOVE what you’re doing with the Tally Ho .. Truly inspiring. I recently stumbled across your videos (on YouTube) that answered an inner voice and desire to lay-up and build a wooden vessel of my own. I must say, I am captivated by both the work and the videos you produce finding myself staying up to 5:30 am watching them. All the work you’re doing on the Tally Ho is something I’ve always wanted to do, but denied myself throughout the years.

    I, also, came across a video of a very nice, older, bearded gentleman mentioning other ways to financially help with the Tally Ho build. He showed a coin for purchase that on one side showed the original boat designer and on the other side a relief of the Tally Ho with full sails. If the coin could be produced, could other merchandise also be produced for sale such as; Coffee Cups (maybe one style with the Tally Ho build lines on it, another cup could have an identical design as the coin, and still another the letter head of the Sampson Boat company Logo), also T-shirts, Posters (8 ½” x 11”, 11” x 17”), toy models, etc.

    It is a true pleasure to have you.

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  133. I wish I were not so far away (Australia) or I would right in there with you. Building a boat should be on every persons list of life experiences as I learned when I built mine. I am loving the videos. Thank you and never give up.

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  136. Leo, you are an amazing young man with knowledge and skill beyond your years. I am telling everyone I meet in the Sequim area about this project, although I have yet to meet anyone who has heard about it. I would also like to say you are a blessing to us older folks who have lost a lot of faith in the work ethic and skill level of your generation, simply because there doesn’t seem to be any(my opinion/observation). I think you are an inspiration to your generation and others to put down their computers and electronic devices and build something that will last beyond your lifetime!
    We will continue to support you as we can.
    Ron & Dawn

  137. Hi Leo, this is some restauration. As an amateur boatbuilder I am inspired by what you are doing. What a work! I have seen quite some videos of your endeavor. But what is not being stripped off? What is kept ‘alive’ of the boat?

    Keep it up!

  138. Hey Leo,

    I think for this type of project; you need a thank you page and list. And some of us might want to give in exchange for a chance to ride the vessel.

    If you thank contributors publicly, I will also contribute. While some may wish to remain anonymous; others may not. For charitable giving, I am anonymous, but this type of gifting is different.


  139. Hey Leo I notice your Amazon wish list is empty! The reason I mention this is I have an overabundance of tools and would love to supply you with something you need. I don’t have a lot of money but I have multiples of tools that you could have or borrow. (I live in the Puget sound area)
    Much love,
    -Stu Morrison

  140. Hey Leo, I’m amazed at the keel timbers and the results you achieved in the last episode! Keep fighting the good fight. We are moving from australia to USA very soon and will be keen to help you out! Will keep in touch, but in the meantime we will contribute to the patreon page.

  141. Hey Leo just happened to come across your article about sailing Lorema , and then the Tally Ho project .Very inspiring to follow your sailing trips and the work you have put into Tally Ho .Who knows might see Tally Ho in my local area of West Cork some time .Keep up the good work , deffo will support this wonderful project !! Will be watching progress closely , regards Austin Mckenna courtmacsherry West Cork .