Tally Ho’s “Rebuild Wishlist”

This page is really just a list of things that I will be purchasing to help with the rebuild of the 1910 gaff cutter Tally Ho. If you would like to help the Tally Ho project, buying or providing something from this list is a great way to so. If you would like to see the other ways to help the project, go back to the SUPPORT TALLY HO page.

I do try and keep this page up to date.


AMAZON; Firstly, I have an amazon Wishlist, which you can view HERE. If it is empty, it means that there is nothing on Amazon that I need right now. If you buy something from my Amazon Wishlist, please send me an email to let me know! (Amazon often don’t tell me who it’s from)


HAND TOOLS; If you are thinking of getting rid of any hand tools that might still be useable, I might be able to use them for my project! Particularly old chisels, planes, and so on.


BRONZE, COPPER AND LEAD; Scrap bronze and copper can be sent from me to the foundry, to offset the costs of the raw, pure bronze that we will be using to cast parts for Tally Ho. Scrap Lead can be melted into ingots and will be providing Tally Ho’s internal ballast (14,000 lbs!)


OTHER BOAT PARTS; Certain boat parts from the correct period could be used for Tally Ho’s rebuild. Very few of her original fittings remain. Please get in touch if you have something you would like to contribute.


TIMBER; Of course, I am going to be looking for large amounts of timber, but most of it will be very specialised. However, if you have something that you think might be suitable, and would like it to become a part of Tally Ho, please get in touch.


If you think you have something that I might need and would like to contribute it, please email me at leogoolden@gmail.com

Please be aware that I receive a lot of emails about Tally Ho, and cannot always reply straight away. Many thanks!