13. Stringers & Breast Hooks / Replace the Keel Timber ?!

THIS episode, a load of friends help me remove the stringers, breast hooks, and other parts of the hull. We have a white Christmas in Sequim, and I have to make a very difficult decision regarding Tally Ho’s Keel Timber.


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Giorgio di Campo – Money Monster Ragtime

Topher Mohr and Alex Elena – Uptown

Silent Partner – Country Blues

Doctor Turtle – Robot Crambo



Rebuilding Tally Ho EP13 – Stringers & Breast Hooks / Replace the Keel Timber ?!


100 thoughts on “13. Stringers & Breast Hooks / Replace the Keel Timber ?!

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  57. Would it be possible to insert a steel keel member above the original to strengthen it and to take the weight of the lead keel, rather than having to remove the original timber and all that entails?

  58. Hi Leo, thanks for another interesting episode, doesn’t the hull look great inside when you can see the whole structure without bulkheads and interior fittings in the way.
    One question; with the floors and stringers removed isn’t there a danger that the hull could start to lose its shape? I know you’ve installed cross braces at deck level but will that be enough? Not that I’m an expert in any way, 🙂 I just know that in my renovation project I’m very wary of removing too much structure in one go.
    I feel for you with the decision on the keel, it would be so good to keep it from a historical and restoration point of view but I think you’re probably right, it needs to go. I hope you don’t have too much trouble finding a suitable lump of timber to replace it!

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