16. Laminating timbers into an old yacht / Cornish Projects

This episode, I do some work on an old yacht in the Butler & Co shed; BANDOR, a 1938 Dallimore designed sloop. The Epoxy lamination goes well, despite the cold. The new Ferry build progresses, and I visit some friends who are rebuilding an old fishing boat to start a business with. We also meet a likely candidate for the youngest boatbuilder in Cornwall!


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Kevin MacLeod – Bushwick Tarentella – Thatched Villagers

Wall Matthews – Waltz For Django

Pharaos – Mission Bucharest

Kevin MacLeod – Octoblues

The Underscore Orkestra – Troll of the Mountain Swing



16. Laminating timbers into an old yacht / Cornish Projects – Rebuilding Tally Ho EP16


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