20. Dropping the Keel Timber / Bolting the Scarph

This episode, I drive the 3000 miles back to Tally Ho from South Georgia, where Steve Cross has been milling Live Oak for me. I bed and bolt the 6’ Scarph in the new keel timber together, and the Live Oak arrives by flatbed. Then we create a framework inside to boat to spread the load of the props while I remove the Keel Timber from underneath it, all the while hoping that nothing breaks and that the boat doesn’t deform at all in shape.


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Heftone Banjo Orchestra – Guatemala – Panama March
The Underscore Orkestra – Swing Gitane
Los Sundayers – Mi Verdad
US Army Blues – Kellis Number
Giorgio di Campo – Ragtime Diner



20. Dropping the Keel Timber / Bolting the Scarph – Rebuilding Tally Ho EP20


51 thoughts on “20. Dropping the Keel Timber / Bolting the Scarph

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  36. Hiya Simon , ime Steve a time served joiner.(retired sort of) , following your projects with interest ,
    have you done a video fitting new scarf jointed keel ?

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