21. Shaping and fitting the Keel Timber

This episode, I work on turning an enormous lump of Purpleheart Timber into a new Keel for the historic sailing vessel, Tally Ho. I make a plywood pattern from the old keel, then plane the surfaces of the new wood, before using a custom chainsaw jig to cut the rolling bevels. Poncho the parrot watches as we manoeuver the heavy timber underneath the precariously balanced 20-ton boat, using jacks, rollers and levers. Finally – fresh timber in the boat!


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Forget the Whale – 10 Days Instrumental

US Army Blues – Main Stem

Ryan Andersen – One and Only

Forget the Whale – Ghost Instrumental



Shaping and fitting the Keel Timber – Rebuilding Tally Ho EP21

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  31. Whoo Hoooo! It worked. I was very nervous that I did not build the jig strong enough to hold a good accurate cut line. Glad to see how well it worked! Keep up the awesome progress, if you need anything else let me know.