22. Restoring the Ship Saw

This episode, I take some measurements and consider the hogging of the hull of the 1910 yacht TALLY HO, and then use jacks to bend the whole boat back into shape, having removed some of the Iron Floors first. I borrow a forklift, and then start the process of moving and restoring a massive vintage ship-saw – which is like a huge bandsaw but with a static table and a rotating cutting band. This impressive tool could be over 100 years old – perhaps even older than TALLY HO herself!


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Dan Lebowitz – Run One Down

Jimmy Fontanez – Rumba Sabor

Dan Lebowitz – Michigan Greens

Gunnar Olsen – Pisco Sour



22. Restoring the Ship Saw – Rebuilding Tally Ho EP22


70 thoughts on “22. Restoring the Ship Saw

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  35. Leo – thank you for documenting the rebuild – it is amazing for a wood worker, but a “non-boat person” to watch you work – I am curious – do you know the manufacturer of the “ship saw” maybe it was in the video, but I couldn’t find it…

  36. In your spare time (ha) you could cut (athwartship) 1″ slabs of the original keel as souveniers for donors. $50? $100 per? Just a fund raiser idea but you may have better use of that wood. This is all exceptional. Continued good luck.