24. Lofting the Lines; Part 1

This episode, I take some more measurements of Tally Ho’s current shape compared to her original lines, and make a big decision about how to go about bringing her back to a more authentic and elegant shape. I have a visitor from England and we set about building a lofting floor in the workshop, making some very long battens, and beginning the actual process of lofting the original plans up to full size.


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Live Oak Transport; from Iron City, GA – Sequim, WA.
2 Bundles of 10 slabs of timber. Could be stacked. Oddly shaped, but approx. dimensions are;
#1. L=12’, W=48”, H=32”
#2. L=14’, W=32”, H=30”
Combined weight = approx 5000 – 7500lbs

AMAZON LINKS (I get a small commission if you buy from these links)
Howard Chapelle – Boatbuilding
Larry Pardy – Details of Classic Boat Construction
Dewalt No-Fog Safety Goggles
3M Dust Masks

Crushwater – Starry Skies
(Local WA band – Their Facebook & Soundcloud)

Spindle Ensemble – Panic amongst the dragonflies
(Caelia’s band – Their Website & YouTube Channel)

Chris Haugen – Front Porch Blues

Honky Tonk Sail – Tropical Mood
(The Jazz band on a cat – Their Facebook & YouTube Channel)

24. Lofting the Lines; Part 1 – Rebuilding Tally Ho EP24


77 thoughts on “24. Lofting the Lines; Part 1

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  41. Ah! The little block of wood has the screw holding the batten down. No reason to destroy the router bit by running it up against the screws.

    Caelia’s music is beautiful!

  42. Leo, thank you very much for creating these videos while you work on Tally Ho. Question for you regarding creating the battens using scarps. You appear to be leaving a small section near each end of the batten that has not been removed using the router and then removing that section by hand with a chisel. Why?

    Thank you

  43. Leo your writing is amazing,I know you can write for adults have you considered writing a book for children? Creating a desire for the next generation? Just me Dawn

  44. Hi Peter, There is a campsite in Lara, approx 7km to Airshow site. There are no powered sites available and generators are not permitted due to fire risks. There are showers and toilets on site and there is free shuttle bus service on a regular basis from the campsite to the Airshow site. Best regards, Jess

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