25. Lofting the Lines; Part 2

This episode, I continue lofting the lines of the 1910 Gaff Cutter, Tally Ho – enlarging them to life-size on the new 50’ lofting floor in the workshop. I get some help from a young Australian Shipwright, and have another very special surprise visitor!


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25. Lofting the Lines; Part 2 – Rebuilding Tally Ho EP25


5 thoughts on “25. Lofting the Lines; Part 2

  1. Fascinating, Entertaining and very interesting. I have watched every video and always look forward to the next. I bow to your knowledge and skills. Well don Leo and thank you.
    Graham Holyoak, Birmingham England

  2. I hope two things. 1) the lofting floor becomes a wall in museum or shop after 2) a “new” Tally-Ho sisters hip is built from it. Outstanding and worthwhile work. Bravo

  3. Thank you for explaining the lofting process of I’ve always had a hard time with that

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