27. From Lofting to Re-Framing / Removing Planks

This episode, I get some more help to remove a lot of Tally Ho’s hull planking. The volunteers grind and hammer copper rivets, while I finish lofting the intermediate frames inside the workshop. Finally I make the first frame template, and cut the first futtocks for that frame, shaping the Live Oak timber using the huge ship/bandsaw, a large circular saw, and the custom sawzall assembly.


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27. From Lofting to Re-Framing / Removing Planks


3 thoughts on “27. From Lofting to Re-Framing / Removing Planks

  1. Many thanks for the french translation with subtitles ! Two lessons of naval architecture and english in one. Great work and cool pedagogy !

  2. Great but difficult work, indeed. Very inspiring. The variety and quantity of work necessary for Tally Ho’s restoration is overwhelming but amazing. I like the info about the live oak’s unique characteristics, i.e. its sapwood. Thank you.

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