28. Assembling Frames with Treenails

This episode, I work with some volunteers to cut out more futtocks, and assemble the first pair of Frames using Southern Live Oak – to replace the old English Oak frames that Tally Ho was built with. To fasten the futtocks we use Black Locust Treenails (Trunnels/Trennels), which are traditional wedged pegs, used for centuries in ship-building and timber-framing.
We also get some more of the copper fastenings removed, build some adjustable trestles, and establish the centerline of the boat. Finally, Cecca and I take an overdue little holiday to the furthest reaches of the Olympic Peninsula.


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Wayne Jones – Tango de la Noche
Quincas Moreira – Amor Chiquito
Audionautix – Boxcar Rag
Topher Mohr and Alex Elena – The Creek
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Dan Lebowitz – Blue Creek Trail

28. Assembling Frames with Treenails


2 thoughts on “28. Assembling Frames with Treenails

  1. Leo, you and your team are amazing. When I watched you build one futtocks I was amazed by the level of effort it took and the level of wood working precision required to produce a futtocks of the highest quality. It’s shocking to think how many more of these you have to create to rebuild the interior framework for the restoration of your boat. What a project. Keep up the good work. I love the videos. P.S. It’s hard to imagine how you would have accomplished this project without all of the specialised wood working equipment you have assembled, especially that big band saw. May the Force be With You.

  2. G’day, Leo. Just wondering how you roughed out the trunnel wedges. Maybe cut them with a jig, or split them off the grain, like shingles or shakes?

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