29. Installing Frames / Calculating Bevels

This episode I install the first pair of Frames into Tally Ho, notching the Live Oak very slightly into the Purpleheart Keel timber. I also explain how I calculate and transfer bevels from the lofting floor to the templates and frames. I have some volunteer help, and we cut pieces for the next set of new frames, and I also receive delivery of the last of the Live Oak from the sawmill in Georgia.


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29. Installing Frames / Calculating Bevels – Rebuilding Tally Ho EP29


3 thoughts on “29. Installing Frames / Calculating Bevels

  1. Congratulations on your build, spirit and perseverance. I admire you.
    While I follow you since the Lorema blog I never contacted before, the reason I did now is because i saw the ever moving bobs – what we do here is put them in a glass of water to dampen out the movement and stop them without influencing their accuracy.

  2. Looks like you’ve maybe corrected her ‘favoured’ port tack (longer, flatter run than starboard side) Leo. But will she still be faster on one tack rather than the other? And who knew a compass plane was a thing?

  3. I have hauled thousands of boats but never knew how they were built…. Thank you for the excellent lesson on how things are done PROPERLY when building a wood boat.

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