30. Surface Planing Jig / Framing Tools

This episode we develop some jigs and tables that will help the framing process go faster. The surface planing jig uses a large power plane to make one face of a piece of timber completely straight. A large assembly table lets us put frames together far more easily and accurately. Pancho observes, and tries to resist destroying the new frames!
This episode is early because I won’t be able to post next weekend.


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30. Surface Planing Jig / Framing Tools – Rebuilding Tally Ho EP30


5 thoughts on “30. Surface Planing Jig / Framing Tools

  1. Please make the plans for the planer table/jig available for download. You would able to charge a reasonable fee for these plans.

  2. What determines the spacing of the treenails?
    Kurt’s surfacing jig is brilliant!
    Did you have to re-level, and re-flatten the assembly table after you moved it outside?
    Sorry, Dawn won’t be coming back so no more meals. It was fun contributing food while it lasted.

  3. Very nice I like both tables you built, I have a steel table similar to your assembly table for fixturing weldments.

    One question on the planer table/jig. How are you securing the live oak to the table?

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