31. Bedding the Frames / Packing up Shop

This episode we make a few more frames, and I talk about the jigs and products that I use to bed the frame-heels into the keel pockets. I get some help from fellow youtuber Wood by Wright, and Kurt works on servicing the blade guides and making some other modifications on the huge ship-saw. Finally, we have to pack up shop and leave the country!


James Wright’s Channel – Wood by Wright 

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31. Bedding the Frames / Packing up Shop – Rebuilding Tally Ho EP31


3 thoughts on “31. Bedding the Frames / Packing up Shop

  1. Leo;
    i have to compliment you on your work. It is very exacting. Ecerything that you do is very pricise. I know that when you finish the boat will last for 100 years or more. The care that you show does show in the way that everything is assembled. i give you much credit and wish you well in your endevor. i will continue to watch.

  2. Hi Leo
    On another tack… I am curious to know about moon and dad or any family that has inspired you to do this and source of genetic direction you have inherited
    A patron living in London and enthralled in what you are doing
    Andrew C

  3. Hi Leo,
    I have been following your progress and I am slightly addicted!
    Why did you not make your own putty?
    As a child, (7 or 8) on our annual summer holiday in Norway, I was tasked with re-glazing any broken windows resulting from the previous winter.
    I was taught to make the putty with boiled and raw linseed oil and whiting.
    I live in France now and here they call it Blanc de Meudon or Blanc d’Espagne.
    All readily available.
    Don’t really fancy your chances of going through customs with 20kg of white powder though!
    Best wishes,

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