32. An update on the replica Pilot Cutter Pellew

This episode I visit the massively impressive new Pilot Cutter being built in Cornwall, UK. She is named the Pellew, and is a replica of the 68′ Falmouth Pilot Cutter Vincent, which was built in St Mawes in 1852. I have a conversation with Luke Powell, Project Manager and Chief Shipwright, about their progress since last time I visited the project 6 months ago. We discuss the enormous mast that is currently being made, and also the challenges of managing a project of this size and scope.


For more background on the build of the Pellew, and the history of Pilot Cutters, see my earlier video about the project.

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32. An update on the replica Pilot Cutter Pellew – Rebuilding Tally Ho EP32


3 thoughts on “32. An update on the replica Pilot Cutter Pellew

  1. Excellent vid, Leo. Pellew’s scantlings are massive! She’s a BIG girl. Check out the size of her knees, for example. She’s a very impressive build. Thanks for the update.

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