This episode I welcome Francesca back to the workshop and introduce a couple of volunteers who are going to stay here for a while to learn some boatbuilding and help out with the project. But before they arrive, I have to replace the huge roof of the shed over the boat, and make some improvements to the workshop kitchen, with a bit of furniture joinery. Then I show the guys how to fit a pair of new frames, and we also cut out all the pieces for the next set on the shipsaw. Now we have four pairs of new double-sawn frames in the boat, and another pair ready to assemble.


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36. Developing A Wooden Boat-building Team! – Rebuilding Tally Ho EP36


5 thoughts on “36. Developing a Team!

  1. @Anonymous
    To facilitate the draining of errant water in the case of storage.
    See Ep 29, Installing the Frames/ Calculating Bevels @ 18:35.

  2. Fun and interesting, as always.
    I’m going to suggest relocating the thickness planer somewhere out of the kitchen!

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