37. The Mind of a Boat Builder – Presented by SV Seeker

I thought it was about time you guys got to know me a little better. This video – edited and presented by Doug at SV Seeker – is a series of questions and answers about my background, my work, and the Tally Ho project. I talk about my motivation for taking on a project like this, and the various challenges that present themselves along the way. Please note that this was filmed a few months ago, so there are a couple of details that are out of date. Thanks to Doug for making this happen.


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37. The Mind of a Boat Builder – Presented by SV Seeker (Tally Ho EP37)


2 thoughts on “37. The Mind of a Boat Builder – Presented by SV Seeker

  1. Hi Leo. I have been following your progress and after the recent video wanted to make a comment. I am a 65 year old Canadian who at 21 sailed across the Atlantic to Bequia on a 65 ft Baltic trader. I too cut my teeth on wooden boats, building and sailing for the rest of my life. I worked in different yards and built dories in Lunenburg. I worked in fibreglass and steel and cold moulded boats… I became more of a student of yacht design and so have come to realize that there are some classic production yachts. I think that you might harm your venture by preaching the wooden boats only sort of wide eyed idealism. I have had to survive in the marine industry by learning all the skills that I could from spray painting to working in Kevlar, polyester, epoxies, etc. I might add that as a retiree if I lived anywhere near Washington I would surely come and lend you a hand. Good luck and keep an open mind. S&S designed some great production boats as well as some of the finest wooden yachts. Some built in your country.

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