38. Losing a Finger / Framing Progress

Well, I’ve done something very silly and cut the end of my finger. Why would I do that, you may ask?! Well, it was all going a little too well, so I thought it was time to add a little drama to this project! In other news, making and installing the new frames has been progressing pretty well, and we have now replaced every station-frame in the centre section of the boat! We also finished the “roller-furling” roof on the new covered area beside the boat. Eventually, Ben and Steve had to leave, but I’m now getting some more help from Brad, who drove up from Oregon. Feel free to guess how I injured my finger, but it wasn’t on the table-saw or the ship-saw! (and yes, I am fully capitalizing on this injury to try and get more YouTube views)


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38. Losing a Finger / Framing Progress (Rebuilding Tally Ho EP38)


11 thoughts on “38. Losing a Finger / Framing Progress

  1. Based on my own risk taking I might guess the tip of your finger is under the Planer/jointer. Bravo for your comments on our risk averse society. Where would Apple, or Google or Amazon or Tesla etc. be without risk?

  2. I watched the whole video, thinking (Here is where Leo is going to reveal how he hurt himself… but no! not even at the end!) C’mon – tell us what happened…

  3. I hereby grant tho thine new name ‘Ole Nine fingers’. Worked for me for a spell but the dang thing eventually grew back and progressively I became ‘Ole nine point two fingers,.. nine point six etc etc until it became pointless, and the little scrubber person paid no further attention at all. Let’s hope yours doesn’t grow back. By the way you might consider some HDPE runners on your saw and planner tables… better than wood in the wet.

  4. 增大壮阳!丰乳缩阴!泡妞把妹!房中秘术!






  5. I love that you understand about risk and the FACT that its actually good to take risks. Todays youth are far to “protected” and then when bad things do happen it overwhelms them. Love the progress you are making, I hope to stop by soon and see it in person.

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