39. Intermediate Frames, a Storm, and a Christmas Tree!

This episode, we continue replacing frames, starting now on the intermediate frames in-between the station frames.
Washington is hit by severe wind and power cuts – will the boat-shed survive?!
Brad is still helping out, and we are joined by a young guy from Illinois who is keen to help out and learn a little about boatbuilding.
In other news, we get a Christmas Tree in the loft, and make some improvements to our bunk-room.


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39. Intermediate Frames, a Storm, and a Christmas Tree! (Tally Ho EP39)


5 thoughts on “39. Intermediate Frames, a Storm, and a Christmas Tree!

  1. Hello Leo, I love your video blog and your whole project! I have the same question as Arrigo from Italy. For a couple of episodes, I`ve been wondering whether the frames aren`t fastened on the keel timber with bolts or anything. Are they just “glued” onto the keel timber?
    Keep on doing this awesome work.

  2. Leo (let me address to you this way, I’m following you from the very first video), are you going to fix the frames to the keel in some way? Thank you for answering to my curiosity and for your videos that are bringing, well adding, me some more dreams to dream. Shall we see Tally Ho floating again this year? Happy 2019 anyway, on earth or water! Arrigo from Italy

  3. Intermediate frames single frame and station frames double frames per Mr Strange’s construction drawing.

    thank you for the fantastic episodes of your progress. I share your passion and dedication to sailing and the sea. My passion in life is aircraft and the air. I wish you the same success I have enjoyed for 45 years as an aviator. May the sea be as gracious and forgiving to you as the air has to myself. Captain Rob Foote (ret)

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