42. Cutting the Stern Post – and some BIG plans!

This episode, while the team keeps on building new frames, I make the templates for the Stern part of the Centerline, from the lofting floor. The ShipSaw gets some love and affection, and the framing of the centre-section of the boat is completed! Kirt and I talk about his really exciting idea about speeding up the next phase of the project, and despite a snowstorm, I make the first few cuts on the Sternpost timber with the Chainsaw Jig.

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42. Cutting the Stern Post – and some BIG plans! (Tally Ho EP42)

One thought on “42. Cutting the Stern Post – and some BIG plans!

  1. Another great video! Hope all the snow we’ve had does not cause a problem for your shelter and your efforts. Can I assume that the sternpost is the primary support for the rudder? As I know nothing about boat building I have to ask. BTW, what kind of beer do you drink?

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