43. Building the Stern Assembly.

The yard is full of deep snow, but we have no time to spare! Finn and I cut out all the remaining Stern Assembly pieces from the huge Purpleheart timbers, and then use power-planes, hand-planes, chisels, and a new router sled, to shape them to match the templates as precisely as possible. Then we have to try and assemble this extremely heavy and expensive jigsaw! Once they all fit together, we use the forklift to hoist the whole Stern Assembly upright so we can check all the joinery from both sides.

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43. Big Joinery – Building the Stern Assembly (Tally Ho EP43)

5 thoughts on “43. Building the Stern Assembly.

  1. Leo: a question: What are you doing about your ballast? Were you able to save the ballast from the original?

    Next thought: I am sure there are many computer savvy young people in your area who are capable of putting your videos together and who would work for little pay. Why don’t you look around or advertise

  2. Leo – Here’s a little high seas humour to give you lighter moment when facing such big challenges.

    A man of war has been at sea for ten days when lookout in the crow’s nest shouts down to the captain.

    “Captain, there’s an enemy ship on the horizon!”

    The captain turns to his cabin boy and says: “Run to my cabin and bring my red shirt.” The boy scoots off and within a minute returns to captain who is standing there bare-chested. He gives the captain the red shirt and asks the captain why he wanted his red shirt. The Captain replied: “Son, I wear my red shirt in battle so that if I get shot the men on board won’t see that I’ve been shot and lose hope, they will continue to fight.”

    As the crew is preparing for battle, the lookout calls down again, “Captain, there are ten enemy ship on the horizon!.”

    The Captain turns to the cabin boy and says: “Son, you better go and get my brown pants.”

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