6. The Rebuild Begins; Pulling Garboards

Sampson Boat Co; Restoring Tally Ho ep6. The Rebuild Begins

In this video I finally start actual work on the 1910 Albert Strange Gaff Cutter Tally Ho. Once I have cleared a bunch of timber out of the boat, I can begin removing the Garboards ( the lowest planks, next to the keel ). But they are stubborn, and don’t want to leave the hull of the sailing yacht that they have been fastened to for 107 years.

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Favors – I Keep My Soul Alive with Different Kinds of Germs

Tate Peterson – Ragtime

Revolution Void – Biomythos

75 thoughts on “6. The Rebuild Begins; Pulling Garboards

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  35. Hey there, Leo! It’s great seeing anyone restoring old things because when they’re gone there’s nothing left to tell us who we were or how we got to where we are (quote from Bob McNeil of ultimaterestorations.com) Bob restored America’s last steam powered yacht. Keep up the good work, Leo!

    ps: PLEASE turn the volume down on your background music…….very distracting.

  36. Good thing you are young and strong!! Good luck with the project, she will be lovely when finished. Look forward to receiving updates, and will try and spread the word as well. Looks like you’ve got a great shop to work in.

  37. AI did that on an old fishing boat planks where 10″x3″ and about 20 ft long hard work.good luck.

  38. Excellent to see you now getting stuck into the boat. Bloody hard graft but she will be amazing when finished. Andy