63. Milling White Oak in New England

In this episode Cecca and I travel to New York, where we are house-and-dog-sitting for some friends. I drive up to Connecticut to meet Duke at New England Naval Timbers, who supplies large pieces of semi-seasoned White Oak. I select enough curved and straight logs to make Tally Ho’s Deck Structure, and then we mill it into the appropriately sized flitches. We also get a ride on a state-of-the-art New York Tugboat (courtesy of McAllister Towing), and I even tag along with a Harbour-pilot while he navigates a huge container-ship out of NYC harbour.

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63. Milling White Oak Timber in New England (Tally Ho EP63)

5 thoughts on “63. Milling White Oak in New England

  1. Wow. This New England video was just fabulous Leo. Very high quality. Add movie maestro to your list of descriptors: sailor, shipbuilder, writer ….

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