#34 Adix in Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua

The next part of the Caribbean season blurs into a medley of squinty sunlight, dark’n’stormys, varnish, and endless flaking of sails. We cruised to Barbados, took part in the ‘round-the-island’ race, and then partied in a fishpond at the posh awards ceremony. We raced back to Antigua (though there were only three boats competing), and attended the most anti-climatic awards ceremony ever (one of the boats couldn’t make it).

dark’n’stormy in Barbados
obligatory beautiful beach
Adix racing The Blue Peter

Going to Antigua is always a bit like going home there are so many friends and family around, familiar boat and faces. This time we spent a lot of our time sailing our little gunter-rigged dinghy, Koko. Others soon caught on, and soon enough we had a whole fleet of beautiful traditional dinghies racing around Falmouth harbour every eveningpassing the bottle of rum from one boat to the other whilst beating upwind. It really was some of the most fun I’ve had sailing for a while.

a gift for an Antiguan friend

The next big event was the Antigua Superyacht Challenge Cup, and although Adix didn’t compete in the end, I raced aboard our rival schooner Adela, where I managed to get in the way of something important during every maneuver. I wrote an article about the event here Yachting World Magazine; Antigua Superyacht Challenge

race action on Maramar
on board Adela

We picked up the boss and had a long cruise down through St.Kitts, the BVIs, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico. Unfortunately we encountered a lot of unusual westerly winds, and spent a lot of our time bashing into nasty seas. Still, we saw some amazing places, even though it ended up being a bit of a whistle-stop tour. On the way back from Mexico we stopped in Jamaica, where we moored next to Germania Nova, just the day after their tragic accident. There was nothing we could do but offer them emotional support, and our two crews had a good meal out together, a couple of days later. They remain in our thoughts. Our crew explored a nearby island, and spent an evening in a long-abandoned hotel, around a campfire.

the Adix crew, post mizzen-flake
just hanging out
the Adix crew going native

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