10. Deck hatches & Rollerskates (& why I have this amazing workshop)

In this video I brace the hull of the boat in preparation for removing the deck and take off some deck hatches. I get a visit from a lovely English girl, and also get my first voluntary labour from a very tall neighbour. Oh, and I buy some funky Roller Skates!


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Otis McDonald – Stuff

Audionautix – Travel light http://audionautix.com/ (CC BY 2.0)

Topher Mohr and Alex Elena – Kula

Quincas Moreira – Blues Infusion

Silent Partner – Low Tide

Restoring Tally Ho EP10 – Deck hatches & Rollerskates (& why I have this amazing workshop)

38 thoughts on “10. Deck hatches & Rollerskates (& why I have this amazing workshop)

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  19. Have you though about approaching a TV company to turn your great footage into a TV documentary series. A lot more watchable than 1/2 the restoration rubbish on TV in the UK and definitely of interest to the US market. Could help fund your project.