109. Finishing the Transom, Bulkheads & Mast Partners

We’ve been busy! In this episode, we finish a bunch of big jobs that we’ve been working on for a while. All the athwartship bulkheads are now installed, the Mast Partner has been bolted into the deck structure and carved out to accept the mast, and the final Teak plank of the Transom has been made and fastened!
In addition to this, I spent some days at our previous location in Sequim, sorting and removing some large piles of timber and catching up with Pancho. Rowan gets go grips with the TIG welder and makes a fancy bronze bracket for one of our bulkheads, and Nina joins us to help varnish the Transom.

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109. Finishing the Transom, Bulkheads & Mast Partners (Rebuilding Tally Ho / EP109)