Before getting started with the Tally Ho restoration, I need to clear out the workshop and create a space for me to live in.

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115 thoughts on “ep4; the Workshop

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  31. Leo, would you take a minute and fix episodes 4, 5 and 6 so people can see them. Thanks and looking forward to each segment you present…well done

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  58. A sailing friend told me about your project and I am very much enjoying catching up by watching past videos. What happened to episodes 4,5,6?

  59. Hi Pat, Thanks!
    Haven’t got anything set up for donations yet really, although if anybody does want to donate they could email me and then I could send my paypal or bank details.
    Glad you’re enjoying the progress!

  60. Hi Leo, you are amazing. So good that you have such focus and drive.
    I can see you have the ability to get Tally Ho back in the briny from seeing the way you put the boat shed up and now sorting out the work space. It looks an amazing place that you have arrived at with this boat. Nice workshop!
    I look forward to videos of when you get started on the boat.

    Alistair Robinson
    New Zealand

  61. Impressive workshop, good progress and as always a good video to watch! Am very jealous.


    (Norfolk, England)

  62. Well done –
    What a mammoth clear up job – and what a fantastically equipped workshop. I think I counted 16 hand planes, ideal for ‘boatbuilding workshop courses’ !
    Good to see the formation dancing with Poncho, obviously a great work mate.
    Mezzanine living’s got wonderful potential – roll on the Tally Ho project.

  63. Bloody awesome progress!
    You definitely get shit done!
    Better be getting some warm duds winter is coming sooner than you think… Cheers, Danville

  64. Love the project and fabulous workshop ready to go now. Wishing I was close enough to help out and rich enough to donate but wishing you all the luck and I will keep watching. I do have some period yacht fittings that might go with your project but depends on the style and degree of originality you are striving for. Best regards. Andy

  65. Hi Leo
    I am amazed by the progress that you have made on this project! Do you have a PayPal account or some other means of accepting cash donations for Tally Ho?
    Keep up the good work and We will all be looking forward to seeing more videos.
    Pat Kellis
    Gold Beach, OR

    Reply from Leo Sampson Goolden –
    Hi Pat, Thanks!
    Haven’t got anything set up for donations yet really, although if anybody does want
    to donate they could email me and then I could send my paypal or bank details.
    Glad you’re enjoying the progress!