49. Removing the Bow Assembly

After a holiday on a beautiful yacht in Turkey, Cecca and I head back to the US, where Tally Ho is waiting. I get two new volunteers, Joe and Jack, who start off by making Frame Templates for the bow. In preparation for the new Bow Assembly, we cut the old Frame Heels and Hood End Fastenings, spring out the planks and frames in the bow, and remove the old Stem and Forefoot.

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49. Removing the Bow Assembly / Tally Ho EP49

2 thoughts on “49. Removing the Bow Assembly

  1. Great video Leo. I loved how you extracted the bow assembly. Very creative approach. You’ve been so lucky with all of the in-kind help you have received for your project. The workshop, the assembly space, the fork lift…all of them have been critical to your success so far along with the volunteers. And let’s not forget Cecca.

  2. Although Tally Ho is an old wooden boat, you have given her a voice. I’m sure that she is thanking you every day, and looking forward to feeling you at the helm, as you take her home. My friend and I are trying to give a voice to an old Alden boat schooner, and you truly inspire us, although we sure could use some help. Thank you again for presenting your self and Tally No in such a ‘bristol’ way.

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