50. Cutting the Bow / Stem timbers

…in which we finish the templates for the bow assembly and cut out all the pieces with the chainsaw jig. Meanwhile, I have to deal with a damage to a power-plane, the Shipsaw, a chainsaw, part of my camera, and my wallet! Jack and Joe lose their minds organising all the fastenings in the workshop, and I get to do a bit of amateur furniture-making with a mirror-stand for Cecca. We plane everything in sight, and eat our lunch on a very expensive boutique purpleheart table.

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50. Cutting the Bow / Stem Timbers EP50

3 thoughts on “50. Cutting the Bow / Stem timbers

  1. As an amateur woodworker, as I watched your videos using the Purple Heart I had the sudden thought…wow! I’d love to have a small chunk of that wood to make the head of wooden mallet…(making the handle from mesquite cut here from my own property) as a souvenir of the Tally Ho project. Is that possible?

  2. Leo;
    I was impressed the way you put together the mirror frame. You are a very talanted wood worker. John

  3. Leo, please add https://www.subscribestar.com/ to your list of ways for people to support you and your project. I have dropped Patreon because they are censoring and blocking creators whose politics they don’t like. I’m sure you are aware of the controversy Patreon has created for itself as many, including some of the largest, YouTube creators have either been dropped by Patreon or have voluntarily dropped Patreon due to their bias behavior. It’s a shame this has happened but we have to fight back or allow others to decide what we can see and think. Thank you Leo and best to you, your project and everyone contributing and enjoying your videos. — Baron

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