52. Installing the Bow Assembly

A worrying thunder-shake in the new stem means I have to make and install a large graving piece. After making some wedges and cutting notches in the scarph joints, we assemble the Stem, Knee, Forefot and Mast Step in the bow of Tally Ho… lifting the gigantic stem overhead with the forklift is quite an amazing sight! After a tiny bit of trimming we drill and counterbore the holes for the bolts, and then cover everything (including ourselves, of course) with a thick layer of tar before putting it together for the final time and bolting it up – the centreline is complete!

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52. Installing the Bow Assembly

4 thoughts on “52. Installing the Bow Assembly

  1. Absolutely fantastic job with that bow stem assembly. I can’t believe that you actually assembled and disassembled those heavy pieces of purple-heart at least 4 times, before the final assembly in the boat. That’s what I call ‘practice’! It’s a good team that you’ve got there Leo. But, then again, all your teams have been excellent. I’ve been watching your videos for the past 2 years. It’s like your’re building a new boat. I plan to keep watching for the next 2 years, until the final launch.

  2. Good to see this milestone arrive and pass. It’s so very interesting to see you dragging huge bits of red timber one minute and carefully moving tiny chips the next.
    I’m an experienced hand and machine bloke and I assure you you are on the right track.
    Tally Ho IS getting closer to a wet arse every day.

  3. Hi Leo, Last month I happened to be in Sequim for three days. I’d have liked to have seen Tally-Ho, & your team but didn’t know where to look. In any case, with so any followers you cannot afford to become a tourist attraction. So I decided to move on, continue patronage, and rely on your fine videos for updates. All the Best !!

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