55. Finished Framing! / Planking Timber

Tally Ho is fully re-framed! In this episode we see the final part of the frame-raising party, as we make and install the last of the frames that make up the bow of the boat. We also work on the Fashion Pieces, and take some time to do some local sailing. Finally, a container-full of really heavy timber arrives from Suriname, and we have to figure out the logistics of moving it around.

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6 thoughts on “55. Finished Framing! / Planking Timber

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  2. Bronze Silicon floors
    I fully support bronze silicon floors bolted into your split frames and up through the keel and planks when meeting a bolt,
    It did not look not to dissimilar to the iron floors you removed from ‘Tally Ho’,

    After I saw what they looked like and the structure of Bronze silicon floors when done on Acorn to Arabella.

    They bought the bronze silicon plates and made a jig and bent twisted beat hammered tack welded then sand blasted
    Overall it was not the Bronze silicon but sheer man labour which you have covered and I see many metal workers come across your Sampson Boat Co,

    They got it done very cheap and as this is the fulcrum eliminating rot of water resting on the bilge I thought it was a no brainer

    URL under construction tbd set up my Jolina 35 1949 bermudan slooped camper and Nicholson is at the elephant boatyard Bursledon Southampton

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