64. “TALLY HO’s first voyage?” – and other questions

As I’m away from the boat for a while, this is a Q&A episode! Will TALLY HO sail with a GPS? Where will her first (post-rebuild) voyage be? Will I be building a replica of the original tender? Could a dolphin, if properly trained, operate my forklift?! For answers to these THRILLING questions, and more, join me for a cup of tea and a chat in episode 64.

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64. “TALLY HO’s first voyage?” – and other questions (Tally Ho EP64)

One thought on “64. “TALLY HO’s first voyage?” – and other questions

  1. I have followed your progress with this project since around Ep. 40 and look forward to the new ones. I would be interested in watching another episode like this.
    Many thanks for doing this.