It’s time to start building the Deck Structure! Firstly I take a look at the old Beam Shelves and analyse the 110 year-old joinery of the original boatbuilders. I decide to replicate these joints and we start fitting the King Beams, starting at the stern and working forward. Pete cuts out the Carlins and Half-Beams before joining me fitting the main beams, and Patrick starts with planing and sanding the beams prior to install. After lots and lots of chisel-work fitting the main beams, I look at the original Carlin joints, and then fit the aftermost Carlins that make up the Lazarette hatch.

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70. Fitting Deckbeams! (Tally Ho EP70)

10 thoughts on “70. Fitting Deckbeams!

  1. Leo have you thought of cutting up the old pieces of Tally Ho and selling them to raise funds. The Bluenose Rebuild in Nova Scotia in 2012 did this with the old planking and sold 3 inch chunks for a couple of bucks.

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  3. Is it a the sloping angle of the bottom of the dovetail on short beams fittinginto Carlin to allow fresh water &(rainwater) to drain out of joint to prevent rot?

  4. The joy of jointers. So much fun to watch and satisfying to accomplish. Beautiful work.

    Jake foley

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