73. Finishing the Deck Structure!

This is the day – the big reveal! With the deck structure fastened permanently into the Beam Shelf, we can remove the temporary cross-palls and finally see Tally Ho’s internal space and the underside of the deck structure. But before we bolt them into place, we have to prepare the deck beams by sanding, chamfering and varnishing them. Luckily we have the help of a new volunteer – Clark. We also fasten the bilge stringer to the frames, and take care of the most satisfying job of all – trimming all the frame-heads with a chainsaw!

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73. Finishing the Deck Structure! (Tally Ho EP73)

15 thoughts on “73. Finishing the Deck Structure!

  1. Fantastic workmanship and a work of art! We drive by every now and again to see the progress.

  2. When will you get back to the Tally Ho ?” I enjoy your videos and admire your work ethics and talent. I love to watch you work, and I think your girlfriend is perfect, but I must admit that the bird is the star. He (or she), ads the perfect
    touch to an outstanding video.

  3. Such a beautiful line. You can really start to see what a great shape she has, and how nimbly she will cut through and over those waves. I really like the inside view from the bow to stern and vice versa. Really shows the curves and the structure.

    As noted above, it’s kind of cool to think she could start the 2027 fastnet. !00 years after her victory. I doubt anyone except maybe yourself saw that possibility before, even when they wanted to restore her.

  4. Such a joy to watch these episodes. Your determination and patience are a real inspiration. She looks amazing. Can’t wait to watch the next episode!

    Kind Regards from the Netherlands!

  5. She looks fantastic. Sleek. Something to build on. What a milestone since you acquired her.

  6. “She’s starting to look… like she will start her anniversary Fastnet Race…”

  7. Leo,
    Late seventies. Fifty years ago I would be with you in Seattle helping, if you would have me. Your beautifully documented rebuild of ‘Tally Ho’ has been my mainstay long before and during Corona virus. A carpenter and long time sailor your videos have been an inspiration for me. Were I wealthy I would finance the completion of your project, if only to see completion before I die!

    Charles Crow, Australia. .

  8. Woohoo Leo, absoutely beautiful. I’ve been following from the beginning, your tenacity and determination (not to mention your awesome skills) are a joy to watch.

    Thank you so much for including all of us in your adventure.

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