74. Restoring the Transom

In this episode I work on repairing and reinstalling Tally Ho’s original transom timbers. Being Teak, they have escaped rot, but have a lot of damaged areas and holes that need to be filled with plugs and graving pieces. I need to add a couple of new planks, so I take a trip to visit a friend with some Teak for sale, and have a look around his interesting workshop. The planks are joined together with vertical splines and fastened to the stern of the boat. An assortment of animals try to get in the way, as always.

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74. Restoring the Transom (Tally Ho EP74)

13 thoughts on “74. Restoring the Transom

  1. Leo: Nice job on the transom! It came out so beatiful! As usual; I was pretty skeptical when I saw what was left of it. Slowly it appeared from the rot. Im so glad you try in every way to go original. Your plugs and scabs DO add character. Love Love it.
    Hang in there, bro!

    Charlie Karp
    Atascadero, CA USA

  2. Leo, do you ever make a mistake? I errored when scarfing in a teak rub rail the other day and had to use another piece of teak.. A very small project compared to Tally Ho, where all the seams and joints magically fit together. Beautiful work, I enjoy the series and am always waiting for the next episode.

    Walter Hobbs
    Lincoln, RI
    SV Horizon Song
    Cape Dory 27 Hull # 35 (fiberglass, I know.)

  3. Great series. I just started following your project. What brand of varnish do you prefer? I’ve used so many but keep hoping to find one I am truly satisfied with.

  4. Leo
    I saw a lot of what looked like small worm holes (but I know they weren’t). Some where in a circle. What were they from?

  5. Hi Leo – Would it make sense to bleach the transom and then apply a stain prior to varnishing it? Thinking that if it were bleached, any color differences between your planking and the plug and Dutchman repairs would be muted. You could then stain and varnish and it would look fabulous. Maybe more trouble than its worth?

    Great Work!

    Regards – Bill Widrig

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