77. Basic Boatbuilding Terminology

In this episode we take a look at the names of the basic parts of a wooden boat. Hopefully this will help people who haven’t had much experience with traditionally built vessels to better understand what we are doing on Tally Ho!
After that I start working on the hanging and lodging knee patterns, creating a jig to taper stacks of plywood for the laminated arms. Pat’s wife Bonny helps us out with some grinding whilst Pat casts more floors at Port Townsend Foundry. Clark fits the floors into the boat and Pete continues fairing the frames for planking, only stopping occasionally to tell me exactly what he is doing…

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77. Basic Boatbuilding Terminology (Tally Ho EP77)

13 thoughts on “77. Basic Boatbuilding Terminology

  1. As I watched this, Leo, my eyes kept straying to all the tools on the wall behind you. It would be fascinating to have a tour of your workshop. I’d love to know what tools are used for which job. It’s been great to watch the tools evolve from the first few videos where much of the work was relatively crude, to the current setup where you can produce flawless pieces with incredible workmanship.

    Thanks again for making this work available to all of us. The level of craftsmanship is a real inspiration!

  2. Hi Leo,

    Every aspect of the project can best be summed with “finest kind.” Think the terminology is a good idea as your reach must be expanding from all the old sea dogs that got you started. Also like the posts on IG.


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  4. Just a thought but have you considered selling a Tally Ho, Sampson Boat Co or a combination T shirt to raise money? They are a great way to advertise you project to a wider audience. Its something that has been on my mind for a while and I’ve been meaning to suggest it. I was talking with a coworker about your project but he hadn’t heard about it as he doesn’t watch YouTube. There is already some great art work to work with from the iron art sailing ship hanging from the build site, the black and white photo of Tally Ho as well as the clean modern look of the name in use at the top of the web page.

  5. Nice too hear the terminology, dusted off the old grey cell’s. Your delivery, for me, was clear and concise, aided by the use of “Tally Ho” plans. Look forward to each episode, more interesting than my job in the next month scraping and anti fouling the bottom of my boat!!

  6. Hi Leo,

    Seeing the amount of work involved in making the patterns for the hanging and lodging knees, could you not have used some of the original wrought iron ones as patterns.
    I realise they would have needed shot blasting and refinishing,

    Anyway I do admire your work ethic and pleased to see Pete has the the same approach. Must be very good to know you can rely upon him to do a first class job.

    I recently started watching some of your original videos again, it really brings it home how far you have come.

    Good luck with the new apprentice, hope he realises how fortune he is.

  7. Hi Leo,

    As you said those of us that love this stuff already have most of the basic lingo ,but it certainly does no harm. I’m sure you have a lot more detailed stuff that will ecxpand our knowledge to come, so thank you. The technical stuff on the bronze founding was totally fascinating by the way.

    If you’re looking for ideas to include when you haven’t got that much visual progress, maybe a bit of commentary around the properties of the woods you are using and how it’s been sawn may interest some viewers like me.

    All the best. Tally Ho is looking stunning. Congratulations to you and your wonderful team of volunteers on the work so far.

  8. Useful to be reminded of the terminology. As a “plastic man” I have lost touch with wooden boats and the “Joys” of maintaining them.

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