78. Lining-out for Planking

In this episode we calculate the locations and sizes of all the hull planks, based on the complex shape of the hull. I’ve never done this before, so we get some help from the Lead Shipwright on the Western Flyer Project (Shipwrights Co-Op, PT). I’m also very excited to welcome two new members to the team – Rosie, who is going to be in an apprentice-style role, and Charlie, who is going to be helping out with video production! We also continue working on the floors, fairing the frames, and making long battens for the lining-out. Meanwhile Backtrack finds a new favourite napping spot and Pancho steps up her dancing game.

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78. Lining-out for Planking (Tally Ho EP78)

4 thoughts on “78. Lining-out for Planking

  1. Leo, I have watchdd all of your videos and have enjoyed them until the lining out for planking video. This video has left me feeling pretty stupid. Maybe your next video will help me get over this feeling. I never knew boat building could be this complicated. Thanks for at least trying to explain how you are going about the planking. Good luck, hope it is water tight.

  2. 50 odd years ago (in the UK) an old shipwright I worked with dealt with sixteenths of an inch thus :
    3 and 11/16ths of an inch was referred to as “3 and a fat five eighths and likewise 9 sixteenths was a ‘thin’ five eighths …
    good luck and regards

  3. Hey Leo I’m a big fan and admirer of your project and you. When I was young about five my grandfather took me on the Pacific Ocean and I’ve been a sailor ever sense . I’m wondering if you had a similar experience When you were a child. Maybe you could mention it in a video I know you’re a very busy young man. Thanks again with COVID-19 we’re not fishing this year and it’s just nice to see progress and passion. Best of luck to you John

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