8. Removing her Keel ( & The Return of the Building Inspector )

In this episode, I remove all the bronze keel bolts and then try to lift the whole 15 ton boat up off its lead keel. I also hear back from the local building inspector about my shed, and check out some more of the local scenery.


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Latché Swing – Songe D’Automne

Latché Swing – Rythme Gitan

Lasers – Amsterdam

Media Right Productions – Jazz In Paris

Michael Chapman & The Woodpiles – A Stranger’s Map of Texas

Restoring Tally Ho EP8 – Removing her Keel ( & The Return of the Building Inspector )

118 thoughts on “8. Removing her Keel ( & The Return of the Building Inspector )

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  69. Hello Leo,
    I am deeply impressed about your project and your way to proceed. That give me the right spirit because I am before a purchase decision for a swedish old classic vessel. Thank you so much for this kind of motivation!
    Best wishes

  70. Also, next time you need to jack the boat up or down let me know and I would be glad to help. I can bring some stands (for free) that will make it way easier AND safer…

  71. Leo, next time you need to get keel bolts out weld up a adapter to use that big concrete impact gun to drive them out. Find a heavy wall tube that fits over the keel bolts, weld up a adapter so you can get the impact hammer gun over them and it will push them right out. Done it many times. Keep up the great work!

  72. Leo this is so cool really! Just got a book about boat building to understand better and- something I was never interested in – and thought you might want to spread this across schools in the area?! Kids would find that so interesting for sure and parents might become donators?!

  73. Full respect for what you are doing and are managing to do: I have just given up on a little 30′ wooden boat as ran out of money after doing the keel bolts and replacing the stern deadwood (double ender) but hopefuly I have passed her on to someone to complete. But had to balance it with family, mortage, job and our westerly conway. A program on your plan would be interesting also assume you are intending to replace the frames? What about the planking? Good good good luck and carry on but always be realistic!

  74. Hi, brilliant job so far wish I could come and help. Did the same thing to my little folkboat..see £1 folkboat on utube.

  75. This is a massive project for one person. You certainly have the knowledge and ability to complete it. Lots of luck!

  76. not sure if black locust is a west coast tree. mostly a mid atlantic east coast tree. try people in Tennessee or Pennsylvania

  77. Mate, sorry I don’t have any money at the moment, but have been watching from the beginning, I look forward to your updates, and love your tenacity. Keep going brother, I keep spreading your clips around Australia, hopefully help some donations. 60 year old sailing tragic.Lol.

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