The Albert Strange 1910 Gaff Cutter “Tally Ho” is in danger of being destroyed if she is not moved this summer. I go to Oregon to see how rotten she really is, and try to decide wether to take the project on.


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86 thoughts on “Tally Ho!

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  24. I’ve just watched this again after reading you blog from the launch of Lorena. You HAVE to do this, to see Tally Ho through to race again, She is your Baby, and will soon be Your child, She has your blood spilt in her and your sweat soaked in her timbers. You have fast sailing boats in your veins and traditional boat-building under your skin, like most craftsmen in this field, it itches away at you and only calms down when you are either building or sailing these wonderful craft.
    I am proud to be just one of your Patrons through your Patreon site , and will watch and learn from afar until you bring her home. I hope to one day have the opportunity to climb aboard her myself when that has happened.

  25. I’m in the same boat, well a1909 gaff cutter yawl – “Iseult”
    I’ll be seeing you on the other-side Leo! I think with your work ethic, speed & diligence that you’ll be there sooner than you think !

  26. good man, I am halfway through a rebuild of a 1910 50 footer, so I understand the passion. I reckon another 5 years. I thought I was the only nutter of this kind in the world but reading this I can see we are many!

  27. go for it, I have just spent 17 years restoring a Swanson yacht and do not regret one minute of it, enjoy the journey.

  28. It is like having a child with a lover who comes from a bankrupt legendary family. To restore the legend is worthwhile but only you know if you are so attached to the actual lady enough to put up with the child you are both creating. For after committing to restore a vessel she will be your child even if you walk away. On the other hand there is nothing greater than ones love for ones own child.

  29. Hi Leo
    I am the great granddaughter of mark spinks who legend has it skippered the Tally Ho in 1927 when it won the Fastnet race. I can’t tell you how absolutely thrilled our family is that you have taken on the restoration of this beautiful boat. My daughter Kate Moss came from the uk to visit Judy Lopez at Brookings last September and came home very upset that the boat was languishing in a boat yard with a very uncertain future. We have so much information about the boat and at the end of last year there was an exhibition in the village of Warsash in Hampshire for locals to share the history of the boat as Mark lived there until his death.
    We will be keeping an eye on your website to see how you’re progressing.
    Kay Moss

  30. Now that Tally Ho has a new owner, I’ll add a comment.

    It’s quicker and easier to build a new boat and it certainly can be cheaper. But… It then _isn’t_ the boat with the history or soul or spirit. In this case it wouldn’t be the boat that won that Fastnet Race, it wouldn’t be a friend and competitor of Jolie Brise and a number of others.

    Ultimately it’s one’s own personal choice whether and how much that matters.

  31. Such a wonderful history. I met Manny Lopez. Lived in Brookings for 16 years. The Tally Ho needs to be rescued and you sound like just the person to do it. Best of luck!

  32. Yes of course, just get on with it. Allocate 10k per year, and say three months per year to work on her, and within five to seven years you will have a good hull, and decks. The following year for the rig, the a few years later do the interior.
    It will probably be the most rewarding ten years of your life.

    It worked for me.

    Ignore the lazy and tired naysayers. They know nothing.

  33. Brave man .Time ,money ,comment, friends, last but not least do you want to take her on?.