EP123. Bolting the Keel / Engine in!

At last, it’s time to bolt the ballast keel to the bottom of the boat – before we sail off without it! Auger bits get welded, counterbores get sharpened, and a series of huge holes are drilled through hardwood and lead before Aluminium-Bronze bolts are driven in.

In other exciting news, we lift the engine into the boat, paint the engine beds and bilge, cut an access hatch, and fit the staunchions – it’s been a busy couple of weeks!

The Colonel – Zachariah Hickman
Smokey’s Lounge – TrackTribe
Od Yishama – E’s Jammy Jams
Peacefully – E’s Jammy Jams
In the Sweet By and By – Zachariah Hickman
Sing Swing Bada Bing – Doug Maxwell / Media Right Productions

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