EP132. How to sharpen Edge Tools / chisel and plane restoration

How to sharpen Edge Tools / chisel and plane restoration

00:50 Progression of a sharp edge
01:37 Tea Break (end grain trick)
02:54 Flattening the back
05:47 Grinding the primary bevel
12:16 Honing and deburring
17:20 Using the Tormek
26:31 Smoothing plane restoration
29:55 Richard’s method
31:48 Clifton’s method
33:21 Choosing the edge angle
38:40 Squaring the end
39:37 Using back-bevels

Recommended sharpening tools;

Tormek T-8
Tormek Diamond Wheel Coars
Tormek Diamond Wheel Fin
(link:https://amzn.to/3c6WJ0T text:DMT diamondstone 10 inch (coarse / extra coarse)
(link:https://amzn.to/3pwHmlo text:DMT diamondstone 8 inch (fine / extra fine)
Grinding Wheel Dressing too
Basic honing guid
Adjustable tool res

Do Do – Everet Almond

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