EP141. Building Tally Ho’s rudder using hardwood & chainsaw-mill!

It’s time to build Tally Ho’s rudder! We start by purchasing a gigantic piece of Purpleheart from Edensaw, which Zeal cuts into several pieces using the chainsaw mill. Later in the video he starts the shaping and assembly process, using Coaks (blocks of hardwood set into the flying surfaces) to add to the strength.

Elsewhere, Patrick makes some beautiful doors and drawers for the wardrobe in the aft cabin, Clifton begins the construction of the cockpit, and some of the crew take the dinghies on a camping trip.

Heartache – Silent Partner
Put It – TrackTribe
Calypso Beach Walk – Doug Maxwell / Media Right Productions
Night on the Town – TrackTribe
Little Fish – Quincas Moreira
Island Summer Breeze – Coyote Hearing
Stomping Grounds – Silent Partner

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